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Karen is an absolute genius with skin. She is intuitive and full of purpose to treat every client with such care. I just had the best facial of my life. Please go see her if you and your skin need some care! You will not be disappointed. Lots of Esthetician's out there but few with a gift like Karen's. What a gift!

Kendra V - 4/29/21 - GlossGenius

Almond Blossom

Karen is absolutely marvelous on so many levels. She holds the most comforting, beautiful, and emotionally warming space one could ever hope for, while delivering powerful yet balancing skincare results. I had the most divine facial, that was not just nourishing for the soul (facial massage, gua sha, jelly mask) but results driven with a powerful exfoliation treatment that has left my skin absolutely glowing. I’m SO Inspired to continue my skincare journey with Karen, who I trust to not only give me practical advice, but genuine care and love in every single service. I can not recommend her enough!

Jen K - 4/27/21 - Google

White Flowers

Karen is professional, extremely warm and welcoming, not to mention gives the most amazing facials! I was able to completely relax, be pampered and leave feeling like my skin and spirits were lifted! The products that she uses are amazing as well. After dealing with acne for many years I am relieved to find something that works well for my skin.

Lisa - 4/10/21 - Google

Image by Hanna Balan

Karen is a true GODDESS! I love everything about Karen and her AMAZING facials. I would HIGHLY recommend her services! You will never see another aesthetician again after you indulge yourself in one of Karen's services! Reasons I love Karen and her facials:

  1. It is pure relaxation!

  2. She is detailed, thorough and takes great pride in the services she offers you.

  3. She has the most gentle, soft touch.

  4. The products that she uses are clean, natural and organic. In my experience, it is impossible to find an aesthetician who uses CLEAN products that work with your skin and not against it!

  5. She is a breath of fresh air and such a bright light in this world! You will leave your experience filled with joy and happiness.

  6. Your skin will GLOW for days on end from Karen's facials.

  7. She celebrates your skin. We all have our own skin struggles (acne, wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, eczema, etc.), and with Karen's help I feel confident regardless of the condition of my skin, because YOUR SKIN is something to celebrate - flaws and all. After my positive experience with Karen I will no longer go to an aesthetician that talks poorly about my skin! 

I recommend everyone go see Karen. Your skin is your largest organ and Karen will treat it like her own!

Remi - 4/7/21 - Google

Relaxing Massage

I went into see Karen for a relaxing experience & that is exactly what she provided. I felt completely pampered, from the environment, to her soothing tone, to the products she used. My skin looks and feels amazing, more importantly my battery is recharged. She takes self care to a new level!!

Debi C. - 4/3/21 - Google

Image by Jernej Graj

Wow! So relaxing and a truly decadent experience!

TF - 02/23/21 - Gloss Genius

Image by Adrian Motroc

Karen is professional, extremely warm, and welcoming, not to mention gives the most wonderful facials. I was able to completely relax and feel pampered. The products that she uses are amazing as well. After dealing with acne for many years I am relieved to find something that works well for my skin.

Lisa S. - 02/18/21

Smooth Shiny Skin

Thank for doing such an amazing job taking care of me. I was so relaxed & my face look AMAZING! Thank you for blessing me with your gift & encouragement.

Bree M. - 02/12/21

Image by Drew Graham

Karen gives the most AMAZING facials! I would highly recommend going to see her! She spends time taking care of you and making you feel so relaxed! You will never find a facial like Karen's. Your skin will be hydrated, dewy and you will be glowing! I also love the products that Karen uses, all of which are natural and pure. On top of her facials she is an amazing person! I will continue to recommend all my friends and family to Karen.

Remi M. - 01/09/21

Image by Tamara Gak

Excellent service all in accordance with Covid guidelines. Thank you so very much!

Sam - 12/10/20

Caring Child

I had such a wonderful facial with Karen today. My skin looks and feels amazing! Better yet, I felt so relaxed! Such a clean, cozy and welcoming space!

Sarah - 12/03/20

Woman in a Spa

How is it possible that Karen is a new esthetician? She is amazing and I enjoyed such a 5 star spa experience in her cozy beautiful treatment room. My skin feels amazing and I left feeling rejuvenated!

Shirley B. - 11/19/20

White Theme Bouquet

Beyond wonderful Facial today. Karen is very caring, takes her time with each step and is a fun person.

Caroline B. - 11/11/20

Scented Candles

My facial with Karen was absolutely wonderful. The facial suite was clean, inviting, and serene. I immediately felt relaxed with Karen's soothing touch as she started the facial. I had been wearing a mask frequently and had inflammation in my face and neck. I notified her that my skin was extremely sensitive. She informed me that her products contain CBD which was anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The products smelled amazing and actually relieved the inflammation. The pumpkin mask and chocolate peel smelled delicious and were like desert for my skin. The facial and massage experience left me feeling cared for and pampered. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who's skin needs revitalization or souls need rejuvenation.

Amanda S. - 10/20/20

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